Scott Kingston

Scott Kingston

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Username * matteline
Country * USA
City Orlando
Nationality USA




I am 39 by the daily calendar though much younger at heart and mind. I've had a varied past professionally bringing with me all the experience afforded to me. I am a motivator and enbaler of people. I have the ability to motivate and mentor others to exceed their own expectations of what they can achieve. I enjoy the challenges of deadlines and feed on the pressures of time because it empowers me to excel and over achieve. I like to over-deliver instead of over-promising.

Core Beliefs:
1) Character is defined by the ability to maintain a resolution once the spirit in which the resolution was made has past.
2) A perosn's word is their bond. My word is my bond.
3) I am human so I make mistakes, though I never repeat one.
4) Treat others as you would have them treat you.
5) Time is a constant but can be bent.